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Lotus Seed has sedative effect, which can be greatly beneficial for related elderly.
Eating lotus seeds has the potential to exert therapeutic effects against central
nervous system disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia

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Lotus Seeds


- Help dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure
- No side effects revealed and suitable for most people
- Gluten-Free supplement for Protein

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Selected Quality

Selected Quality

A good lotus seed should have a smooth, intact, and undamaged outer shell without cracks, holes, or any signs of mold or discoloration. We choose larger seeds tend to be of higher quality. Fresh lotus seeds are dehydrated immediately after peeling, without the addition of any other spices, to preserve the pure essence of the lotus.
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Proven Safety

Proven Safety

Lotus Seeds produced from high quality Lotus, carefully selected before processing. The stages of the production process are strictly controlled by the ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) System, to provide clean, packaged Lotus products. Carefully have high nutritional value, both convenience and safety for the health of consumer.
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Solid Reputation

Solid Reputation

Our Company specializes in receiving export orders for processed lotus seed to overseas with intensive quality checking and export packing to meet client’s particular requirement.
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Quality Control

Quality Control

Our Lotus Seeds snacks are naturally from 100% Fresh Lotus Seed with no added sugars and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Can Check product quality and content of pesticides with 3rd Quality inspection company like Vina Control / SGS /, or your QC inspection before shipment. A way to make sure lotus seeds sample will be the same as the cargo exported.
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A lotus seed or lotus nuts is the seed of a plant in the genus Nelumbo. The seeds are used in Asian cuisine and traiditional medicine. Mostly sold in dried, shelled form. the seeds contain rich contents of protein, B vitamins ans dietary minerals.

In Vietnam, lotus plants grow in all parts of the country. While lotus seeds from Central Vietnam are petite, round, and delicately flavorful, the lotus seeds from Southern West also shine with their own unique qualities.

They offer a rich, fragrant taste derived from the excellent soil of the Thap Muoi region. The lotus seeds are meticulously selected from areas within Vietnam that offer the finest lotus varieties. Lotus plants bring high economic benefits because all parts of the plant, such as the flower, leaves, seeds and roots are utilized.. In Oriental medicine, lotus seeds are sweet and neutral, benefiting the spleen and for treating nerve damage. The seed’s core is bitter and used to lower high blood pressure and serves as an antipyretic. With the advantage of taste, color and nutrients, lotus seeds are widely used by humans for food and medicines, which are delicious, attractive, high nutritional value without harming the body.

Fresh lotus seeds are dehydrated immediately after peeling, without the addition of any other spices, to preserve the pure essence of the lotus. Remove the core or heart of the lotus seeds, the lotus seeds are not bitter anymore and are very easy to eat. Appropriate dehydration retains the nutrients and colors of the seeds, resulting in a refreshingly delicious treat

There are three main things to consider when the grading and sorting lotus seeds: size, color, and freshness. Size: Lotus seeds come in different sizes. The smaller the seed, the easier it is to germinate. Color: Lotus seeds can be white or brown. Freshness: Lotus seeds should be plump and firm even though after dehydration.

Select and remove the peel coring, without going moldy or damaging then soaked in water and pick out for boiling, keep storing in low-temperature cold room for freezing.
The crisp instant lotus seed of rich selenium, the vacuum frying can make that lotus seeds internal structure is crisp, instant edible. Finally, come into de-oiling process to obtain mix with condiment, makes the crisp instant lotus seed of rich selenium of the different taste such as salty, sweet, peppery.

Nuts are dried to 3% moisture content before packing to extend shelf life and prevent fungal infections. Either raw or roasted cashews are vacuum packed in tins or plastic bags to protect from getting rancid or rotten before shipment.


Lotus Seeds - Nature's Health Secret

Lotus seeds, a natural ingredient with hidden health benefits, are not only a common element in Eastern cuisine but also known for their unique advantages for the circulatory system and cardiovascular health.

One of the unique features of lotus seeds is their ability to support vasodilation and reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that the natural components in lotus seeds can stimulate vasodilation, improving blood circulation and reducing pressure in the blood vessels.

Another strength of lotus seeds lies in their safety. With no reported side effects, lotus seeds become a safe and effective choice for most individuals. This is particularly important for those seeking a natural solution to improve heart health without worrying about unwanted side effects.

Furthermore, lotus seeds are an excellent source of protein, making them especially suitable for those who focus on a gluten-free diet. This makes lotus seeds a versatile nutritional choice, providing energy and nutrients without gluten-related concerns.

In conclusion, lotus seeds are not just a familiar ingredient in the kitchen but also a "nature's secret" full of potential health benefits. With their ability to support the circulatory system, no reported side effects, and suitability for a diverse range of users, lotus seeds are becoming a favorite choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and leaving their mark in the world of nutrition.

Amazing healthy food to our body:

Help sleep well, relax, relieve stress.

Lotus seeds have sedative and antispasmodic effects, so they relax the nerves and help sleep better. Lotus seeds are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, tannins and terpenoids, which are substances with anxiolytic activity to dilate blood vessels, alleviating anxiety and depression.

Good for cardiovascular

The energy of lotus seeds mainly comes from carbohydrates and proteins, unlike other nuts whose high energy value is mainly due to fat. The low fat and cholesterol content, combined with the high potassium

Blood sugar lowering effect

Helping to stabilize and prevent many complications and cardiovascular diseases.

AIDS digestion

Lotus seeds are rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation, promotes regular bowel movements, relieves symptoms of diarrhea and contributes to the overall health of the gut. Lotus seeds contain a small amount of alkaloids that contribute to the antispasmodic activity of the intestines, thereby reducing diarrhea.

Good for pregnant women

Both fresh and dried lotus seeds are an excellent source of calcium and folate for pregnant women and their unborn babies. 100g of dried lotus seeds provide 104 μg or 26% folate. Folate, along with vitamin B12, is one of the essential components of DNA synthesis and cell division. Adequate folate intake during pregnancy may help prevent neural tube defects in infants. In addition, lotus seeds also help to secure pregnancy, strengthen the immunity of pregnant mothers. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine in lotus seeds has been studied to effectively reduce nausea in pregnant women.

Improve sexual health

Contain plant bioactive compounds, are an excellent aphrodisiac that significantly increases libido in both men and women. They promote blood flow to the reproductive organs, provide these tissues with essential nutrients and energy, and promote sexual health and fertility.

Lose weight, lose fat

Low in calories and rich in protein and fiber. Adding lotus seeds to the diet is a great way to support weight loss, fat loss, and obesity. Protein has the effect of reducing appetite, fiber moves slowly through the digestive tract, making the body feel full for a long time.

Anti-oxidant, immune booster

Fresh lotus seeds have 31,24 mg/kg of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. Eating lotus seeds helps to strengthen immunity to fight infectious agents and remove harmful oxygen free radicals from the body, which will make reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

Anti-inflammatory, pain relief

Lotus seeds contain kaempferol which is a natural flavonoid, which has the function of preventing inflammation and helping to repair aging tissues, prevent dermatitis, and limit skin diseases. Antioxidants can also reduce inflammation, which can be beneficial for inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. The anti-inflammatory effect found in lotus seeds soothes the pain

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