Nutrition Fruits  

In modern life, heavy work load, insufficient exercise, unbalanced diet, led to numerous body disease. Concurrently the gradual aging, physical organ ability declines, everything become out of control, makes us getting discouraged!

The fact, the illnesses are mainly due to poor blood circulation, reduces the metabolism rate.  

Limited blood vessel current capacity stagnates in vivo toxin agglomeration.

Now, there are existing natural American and Canadian healthy nutritional therapy, obvious effect 

within ONE week, not any side effect!


BB227 - BB75

Dried Blueberry (USA)


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Product of USA

Famous American health nutrition

Improves eyesight, protects the visual function

Taking daily 20 grains, obvious effect within ONE week

High fiber & Vitamins

Anti-cancer, heart disease and strengthen memory

100% natural, no sugar added


CB227 - CB90

Dried Cranberry, orange-flavor (Canada)


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Product of Canada

Canadian quality product, effective contribution

Remarkable antioxidant and anti- cancer function

Effectively prevents urethra inflammation and tooth plaque formation

Increases fresh orange taste, pleasing fragrance

No sugar, genuine materials



Golden Flaxseed Meal


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Product of USA

Famous American health nutrition

Eliminates blood fats, reduce cholesterol level, clean and lubricate blood vessel

Additional pulverizing, easier for human absorption

Become more effective while taking with nuts meal

Daily once taking, to be effective within 7 days

Caution : Put in freeze after opening



Almond Powder (Blue Diamond)


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Product of USA

American high quality health nutrition, dredges the heart blood vessel

Rich riboflavin and vitamin E

Good complexion, strengthens the lungs function

cakes, pastries and drinks are all suitable

More essential as eating with flaxseed meal

Caution : Put in freeze after opening


Light Sweetened Dried Figs


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Famous health fruit with outstanding nutritional therapy
Rich anti-oxide compound, has the anti-senile function
Accelerate wound recovery, incredible curative effect
Adsorbs the intestinal tract the virulent matter, has the platoon poisonous care
Natural taste, full-sized fruit, class "A" quality

Light Sweetened Dried Strawberry


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The most welcomed fruit raspberry with incredible fresh taste
Effective preventing and controlling leukemia, blood sickness
Promote human body growth
Good for thirsty, spleen & stomach building
Rich in anti-oxidation, guards against cancer function

Dried Cherry (Natural Flavor)


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Today's hottest "Super Fruit"
The highest levels of disease-fighting & anti-aging antioxidants
Helped reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood fats and insulin levels
Reducing "Fatty Liver"
Control diabetes, reduce belly fat and heart disease
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