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Cashew Candy


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120g/Bag x 48/carton

Perfect combination of rice & cashews
Filled with delicate fragrance of rice with delicious nuts taste
Ever-sellable nutritious snacks in the world
Separate packing, hygienic & convenient



Peanut Candy Bar 


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200g/Bag x 50/carton

Famous local snacks

Sweet, crispy

Preferable as tea cuisine

Anti-caner & heart-attack prevention



Agar Jelly Pudding


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20-30-60/Jar x24/carton

Unique fresh fruit taste

Strawberry, mango, taro, baby corn

Jack fruit, lychee, melon, orange

Lovely plastic smiling bear jar packing



Assorted Fresh Fruit Candy


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Natural fruit, nutritious sweets

Promote appetite, relieves thirst

Durian, coconut, tamarind, mango

Gooseberry, Liquorice, ginger, lime

Genuine materials, South Asia flavor



Assorted Fruit Soft Candy


Fresh fruity flavor

Soft, delighting chewing feel

Strawberry, taro, baby corn, orange

Outstanding candy cultural combination

Separate packing, convenience and hygienic



 Assorted Fruit Jelly Stick




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